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It was updated and newly published on November 12, 2019. The OMEGA team is available from 8am to 6pm EST, Monday to Friday. Above is a brown calf strap by Hirsch, called Liberty. The 3570.50 is not 44.25mm in diameter. The Omega Speedmaster lug width is 20 mm (19 mm for Speedmasters made before 1966 and 18 mm for “reduced” models), which is the most common lug width. Ω OMEGA SEAMASTER PLANET OCEAN DIVERS 20MM RUBBER WATCH BAND STRAP FIT 41MM. His favorite brands are Omega, Eterna, and Tissot. The iconic Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon and we believe you’ll too be over the moon with our curated selection of straps to style up your Speedy. 2915-1 and 2915-2 had a diameter of 38 mm. Fitbit Versa 3. Omegalink 1563/850. $ 245. omega speedmaster strap - purple rubber. The standard Omega Speedmaster Racing has a 44.25mm case diameter; however, a 40mm version also exists (both with self-winding movements). Will it wear bigger than the 3513.50? It’s a standard Speedy Pro, 42mm in diameter (including the extended right flank acting as a crown and pusher guard), 39mm bezel, 48mm lug to lug. Another … Omegalink 1621/990. Just like with shoes. That’s fine. Fitbit Versa & Versa 2. This article was originally published on February 23, 2018. Book Review: “100+ No BS Watch Tips” by Anthony L. A watch enthusiast from Poland. It’s smaller.”. Company Information. It’s smaller than your average Speedmaster, measuring only 38mm. Omegalink 1622/977. A model 3513.50 has a stated diameter of 39mm while the 3570.50 is 44.25mm, yet they both have the same bezel diameter and are both 48mm in length? The lug-to-lug of the 3513.50 is 45mm, which is less than that of the “Great White” (47mm lug to lug) that you have, and less than the 3570.50 Pro (48mm lug to lug). In case of the Speedmasters, the diameter is not the thing to be concerned about, because Omega provides the diameter including the crown and pusher guards. The diameter doesn’t always determine how it’ll fit. Fitbit Sense. So, the 3513.50 will wear smaller than either the 3570.50 or the 2538.20. Big wrist only but you can always add hole punches. FAQ: Which Omega Speedmaster is the Moonwatch? Not to mention that the bulk of the case flies high above the wrist itself. If you think that’s too small, you’ll have to settle for a Speedy with a manual movement. Fitbit Bands. I have small wrists and the watch looked liked a plate on my arm. 9300 reinterpretation of the 2915?”, “But there has to be something that’s not top-heavy!”, “But I don’t like manually wound movements, I prefer automatic”, “I still don’t know if it’ll fit and which one I prefer”, Service: Onsa Dress Watch With an FHF 72 Movement, Best Watchmaker Screwdrivers for Beginners, Book Review: The Vintage Rolex Field Manual by Colin A. Though there is no adjustment provided with the width of … If you’re looking at going for the Speedmaster but have concerns about the size and it being too large just know that the watch, ... Watch straps for the Omega Speedmaster. Not necessarily. We have chosen a cool late 60s vintage Speedster Professional to showcase a selection of our 20mm straps in Speedy mode. Vintage Speedy fans will recognize that the case design is based on the ST 105.012, characterized by an asymmetric case and twisted lugs. You’d probably question that. Let’s have a close look at the dimensions of various Speedmaster models. 22mm Black&Orange Rubber For Omega Seamaster 98000382 Watch Strap 556OMG. Thus, “Strap Monster” it is! Some people will say “it’s too big, I’ll get the smaller FOiS.”. Address: 530 New Los Angeles Ave #115-338 Moorpark, CA 93021, USA Call Us: (800) 808-9928 Email Us: Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5:30pm Saturday - Sunday: Closed Email Support Available 7 Days a Week For more information on the new Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, visit Omega Speedmaster is a line of chronograph wristwatches produced by Omega SA.While chronographs have been around since the late 1800s, Omega first introduced this line of chronographs in 1957. Lug to lug the new Speedmaster measures 47.2mm, making it an easy wear within the confines of my ~7 inch wrist. Ultimate Guide to Omega Speedmaster Sizes,, ... Be the first to review “Replacement Bracelet for Omega Speedmaster Professional” Cancel reply. I bought a Speedmaster reduced and it looked and felt great with a new leather strap. Thanks again for the infromation. Deployment Clasp for Omega (3) $ 24.99 USD – $ 29.99 USD. Safe favorite watches & buy your dream watch The new Omega Speedmaster Professional in steel is priced from £5,100 – £6,120, while the gold options range from £21,130 – £38,830. It houses a caliber 9300 Co-Axial Chronograph – made in-house, movements, with a COSC Chronometer certifications, and it is considered one of the most beautiful of any Swiss in-house movements ever to be used and released in mass production. White. Considerably. Welcome to the Bulang and Sons Strap Guide. Still somewhat confused. Let us style you up! Not at the same time. I am in a place where I can’t physically compare. 2. I paid $120 but discounting it heavy because I scratched the back of the watch trying to remove a springbars one day. Now Omega has put the classic calibre 321 into the new platinum case copy Omega Speedmaster and it could be viewed through the transparent case back. Still less than a 42 mm Longines Legend Diver with its 56 mm though. Seriously. Pen Bin sent us the following photos of his Speedmaster watches & straps. How do I change the bracelet or strap on my Omega? Call In terms of concerns about lug overhang, neither. Above is a leather brown (alligator) strap by Banda. All in all… Will the 3570.50 wear the largest of the three (3513.50, 2538.20, 3570.50)? I did some Ocean Racing and a lot of bluewater cruising as a younger man. What if I told you, that 42 mm isn’t necessarily 42 mm in terms of fit? The iconic Omega Speedmaster was the first watch worn on the moon and we believe you’ll too be over the moon with our curated selection of straps to style up your Speedy. The bezel diameter is still 39.7 mm, just as it was in all Speedmasters since the 2915-3. Sipping a Laphroaig Quarter Cask as I type this. That’s the same as in the 46 mm IWC Big Pilot’s Watch, and a hair short of the 47 mm Panerai reissues. Two people might have the same shoe size, but that doesn’t mean that the same shoe will fit them identically. The wide lugs and the crown guard certainly make it look bulkier than it really is. And again, the weight distribution kicks in. Forget what the manufacturer said. With both gold pieces you have the option of a black leather strap. Yes. - 24mm Carbon Fiber Leather Watch Strap Bands Made For OMEGA SEAMASTER RAILMASTER. And I have an interesting collection of Whiskies from Islay. I’ll go for the FOiS (First Omega in Space, a reinterpretation of the CK 2998 design). If you think that’s too small, you’ll have to settle for a Speedy with a manual movement. Make Offer. This model was launched in 2013 and was designed with a modern movement. The appearance of this timepiece has inherited the asymmetric case and lugs of the fourth generation Speedmaster ST 105.012. 1-800-766-6342. The first Speedmasters (CK 2915), ref. For a minimalist look, your Omega timepiece will look splendid with leather straps. They’ll say something like: “42mm, that’s too big. I am a big guy (over 8″ diameter wrist). I prefer without crown guards as the case looks less chubby, more classic and elegant, but the FIOS I do not like as much because of the shape and color of the hands. It’s best to take a walk, think, try them on, and not rely on the individual experiences of others. A rubber Omega band watch is ideal for casual outfits and activities that involve a lot of physical movements. Which strap size does my Omega Speedmaster need? Make Offer. $ 165. grey omega planet ocean 600m 45.5mm strap. Connect with us and we’ll. Still, if the lug-to-lug you’re more comfortable with would be 48 mm, go for the Pro. Thanks! Blue strap for a mid-size Seamaster Pro Diver, order a replacement strap for a 2861.80.08. Phone: 18007666342. The big dog watches don’t work for me. Is the Speedmaster Reduced (1999, 3220 movement) so much better or more likely to hold it’s value so as to justify the extra $700 – $800 dollar additional cost over the Speedmaster Date? I have a question. $49.99. It secures your watch well on your wrist, and it’s not sensitive to liquid and moisture. Free shipping. Free Priority Shipping for all orders over 300 euro. Shop by Size. 20mm – Racing Black Speedy Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Taurillon Brown Speedy Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Taurillon Black Speedy Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Taurillon Creme Heritage Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Smokeyjack Grey Square Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Racing Caramel Brown Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Rich Black Creme Stitch Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Racing Dark Brown Speedy Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Siena Brown Boxed Stitch Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Smoke Grey Retro Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Cosaro Brown Retro Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Olive Drab Green Suede Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Siena Brown Extra Thin Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Seal Dark Brown Boxed Stitch Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Dark Olive Green Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Dark Grey Rugged Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Camel Brown Silky Suede Watch Strap, 20mm – Light Olive Green Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Black Boxed Stitch Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Olive Grey Nubuck Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Siena Brown Retro Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Moss Green Rugged Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Dark Camo Grey Silky Suede Watch Strap, 20mm – Crackle Copper Green Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Crackle Burgundy Red Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Gilt Brown Tonal Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Cognac Brown Silky Suede Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Peccary Brown Heritage Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Lumberjack Brown Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Cinnamon Brown Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Burgundy Red Silky Suede Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Cavallo Faded Brown Cordovan Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Pure Grey, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Pure Black, 20mm – Piombo Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Siena Brown Nato Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Coyote Brown, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Burgundy Red, 20mm – Lumberjack Brown Nato Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – One Piece Nato Brown Lumberjack Leather Watch Strap, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Black One Stripe Grey, 20mm – Deluxe Nylon Nato Watch Strap Olive Drab Green, 20mm – Piombo Grey Nato Leather Watch Strap, Tags: Leather strap, Nato strap, Omega, Speedmaster, Strap Guide, © Bulang and Sons 2018. FIND YOUR PERFECT 20MM STRAP. So, just got a new (to me anyway) Speedmaster Reduced after many months of thinking about it and wavering. They have a high-dome crystal in the case back, making them top-heavy on smaller wrists. Black Leather Strap- Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Watches; Speedmaster Moonwatch by Case Size: 39.7mm - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Watches; 42mm - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Watches; 44.25mm - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Watches; Speedmaster '57 by Case Material: 24mm Carbon Fiber Leather Watch Strap Bands Made For OMEGA SEAMASTER RAILMASTER. The manual winding Speedmaster Professional or "Moonwatch" is the best-known and longest-produced; it … That doesn’t have any influence on the lug to lug distance. More about how to find out which band size your watch needs here. Some of Omega’s diver watches also have rubber straps. Omega20mm Brown Leather Strap 032CUZ006728. Omega Speedmaster ’57 ‘Vintage’ Watch. C $100.80. For example, a 43 mm watch with hidden lugs, or a “lugless” design with the lugs being recesses in the main bloc of the case will obviously wear smaller than a 39-40 mm with a lug-to-lug distance of 48-50 mm. OmegaSpeedmaster Racing 19mm Black Rubber Strap 98000417. Genuine Omega Spring Bars Pins and Tubes with Omega Style Notched Centers for Bracelets Supplied in a standard length, size and cut them to length as needed. I was thinking of purchasing a cheap 3513.50 but now I will probably hold out for a 3570.50. There is. That said, the strap on the Reduced is a bit thin and light, soo figure a good leather strap … C $82.93 to C $108.45. The hesalite glass models can be chosen on a nylon fabric strap, or a fully-brushed stainless steel bracelet. Omega trimmed the high-dome case back crystal. Black Dial Omega Speedmaster Imitation. “What about the contemporary cal.9300 Speedmasters?”, “Does it mean it’ll be comfortable, then?”, “But what if I get the Co-Axial cal. The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, also known as the Speedmaster Professional, has a unique place in history, having played a role in every piloted NASA mission since 1965. If you can get over that then this is a great deal. Every strap[samsung gear sport bands] compliments it perfectly. Wondering if you can tell me the lug-to-lug dimension for the 3210.51.00 Speedmaster Black Red Dial? The 42mm case combined with a 20mm watch band is understated by the white lettering and chapter ring, which makes sure no one misses a beat. OMEGA Speedmaster is an excellent, durable, and highly versatile watch which means that you can switch the straps whenever you need to. Measuring from bezel edge to bezel edge you’ll find it is 40mm, with the case bulging a touch on either side accounting for the other 2 mm. omega speedmaster strap - forest green alligator / black stitching. The front side is perfect but the underneath is all scratched up a bit. ... Rubber Strap for Omega Speedmaster $ 24.99 USD. 15 sold. The centre of gravity sits slightly higher in the FOiS. “But the manufacturer said…”. Green strap for a full-size Seamaster Pro Diver, order a replacement strap for a 2832.20.09. We have chosen a cool late 60s vintage Speedster Professional to showcase a selection of our 20mm straps in Speedy mode. Lug-to-lug, the Pro measures 48 mm. Although still wearable for a lot of men, I believe that Omega is using the same size of the Speedmaster Reduced for the ladies’ version of the Speedmaster. OmegaSpeedmaster 21mm Rubber Strap 98000280. The 3513.50 automatic (Valjoux base) is 39mm including the crown and pusher guard, which by extension makes the bezel way smaller (circa 37-38mm). The bracelet looked too feminine for the size. The Omega Speedmaster on Geckota Vintage Racing Leather Strap - Image Credit: WatchGecko Online Magazine The 1861 calibre chronograph movement is great value for money at this price range. I wish they had made the FIOS with the white straight hands, then it would have been perfect (to my taste , And as a side note, I actually prefer the Reduced design as I prefer the flatter subdials over the almost pie-pan looking ones on the pro. 21mm curved end genuine leather strap band (FITS) OMEGA seamaster planet ocean. NEW 22MM SILICON STRAP For OMEGA SEAMASTER SPEEDMASTER PLANET OCEAN BLACK. Speedmaster 1560/850 & 1498/840 Apollo Removable Link Tube $6.95 OME-201ST0098 For Stainless Steel Band. Or smaller than a Longines Legend Diver, where the lug-to-lug distance is – with the diameter of 42 mm not even suggesting that – a whopping 56 mm. In terms of the area occupied, the Pro. The diameter of the Speedmaster Reduced without the crown and pushers is 38 mm and the lug to lug is 45 mm. OmegaSpeedmaster 21mm Dark Blue Strap 032CUZ005171. $149.99. I just love that the only difference from dial to subdial is that tiny difference in height…(a small detail that I have never seen anyone mention…). Thanks for a great walkthrough of the different sizes, and perceived sizes. The fun part is, that the FOiS won’t cause the watch to have the tips of the lugs further from the edge of the wrist. Green strap for a mid-size Seamaster Pro Diver, order a replacement strap for a 2862.20.09. 44.25 mm will likely appall some, but the lug-to-lug is…50 mm. All the materials that are employed in the making of bands are good for OMEGA Speedmaster. This watch is more suitable for a wide range of wrists. Daily new offers. To start with Kent’s Speedmaster Racing strap, this reference 98000024 strap can still be ordered and needs a 18mm deployant clasp (reference 94521813). Are there any models of the Speedmaster (Pro, Reduced, or other model) that does not have the crown guards, other than the FIOS? $ 245. omega speedmaster strap - rosso alligator. No, it might not have the crown guards, but the lug-to-lug is still about 50 mm, and it still has that bulky crystal in the back. They’re the same. Great information, thanks. Omega Speedmaster Michael Schumacher on It feels different for everyone because every wrist is different. Free shipping. The 2538.20 has a very different silhouette, given that the lugs and flanks of it are far sleeker than that of the asymmetric Speedy case. Get a Speedmaster Reduced, if you’re OK with a modular automatic. Usually in terms of the “will it fit” conundrum. 98000280 NEW OMEGA SPEEDMASTER MANUFACTURER RUBBER STRAP LUG SIZE :21.00 MM BUCKLE WIDTH :18.00 MM ATTACHEMENT TYPE :BAR COLOUR :BLACK FINISH :MATTE Length 12H :93.30 MM Length 6H :100.00 MM MATERIAL TYPE :RUBBER BUCKLE TYPE :DEPLOYMENT CATCH - Free Shipping - No Sales Tax (Outside California) - 7" Black Rubber Replace The modern Speedmaster Professionals will also work on these straps and look just as great as our vintage model.We love wearing these watches in different ways on different days. Our aim is to showcase some of our most popular straps on a range of iconic watches so you can see how the different combinations work. That’s because the straight lug cases, both vintage and modern ones, have the same lug-to-lug distance of 48 mm. But still has the all-black dial.. Here is our OMEGA Speedmaster Reduced review and comparison of the OMEGA Speedmaster Reduced vs. Professional. So, what is it like with the Omega Speedmasters? OmegaLink 1471/815. There are four eye-catching models in steel that make up the Speedmaster Moonwatch Master Chronometer collection. It’s the perfect watch for me, being on the skinnier wrist size. With the 2915-3, this was increased due to the use of a new bezel type, one with an insert as we know it today, instead of the single-piece engraved bezel. The bottom line is that the 3570.50 will simply appear more chunky, and cover a larger surface area, so to speak. Free shipping. I enjoy the morning ritual of winding the watch during breakfast. In 1969, astronaut Buzz Aldrin wore a Speedmaster Professional on the lunar surface during the Apollo 11 mission and the timepiece has become known as the 'Moonwatch' ever since. While the Speedmaster Pro measures 42mm (diameter), the Speedy Reduced is a tad smaller at just 38.5mm (and not 35.5mm as the Omega website states — don’t ask me why). Size XL Custom sized for 7.5in wrist and up.

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