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Regards. Knowing that all these ‘goodies’ are already there, we do not have to wait for the results of years of research work. The one from the Addo Elephant Park is kind of wild and has a red/pink stem and the one from the Waterberg grows more dense and upright. Spekboom is known for its incredible carbon-storing capabilities and ; many health benefits. The good news is that we can eat it too. Almost a month ago, my friend Johan Van de Ven of Bamboo Sur offered me some rooted cuttings of the spekboom, elephant bush or elephant’s food (Portulacaria afra), a fantastic plant species, native to South Africa, resisting extreme drought in dry, rocky places. Why don’t we offer those rural people, or even the people in cities or towns in the drylands, a chance to grow avocado trees (Persea americana), tomato trees (Cyphomandra betacea), cherimoyas (Annona spp. – Follow these 5 simple steps when you receive your plant –. Would we have to destroy it or eat it? In some very dry parts of South Africa, e.g. ), my good friends in the Sahelian countries or even in the Sahara desert would be bewildered if they could get a good opportunity to set up such plantations in their drylands. We live in Johannesburg and received two kinds of Spekboom from an avid Wildlife Photography expert. Best regards and thanks. Hi! One hectare of Spekboom can sequester between 4 and 10 tonnes of carbon per year. What kind of options for continued food security will we have? Too expensive? Therefore, the planting of useful or attractive species that are not invasive can be a good option. In May 2010, the first batch of Spekboom was planted on the reserve by a class of learners from Spandau Secondary School, Graaff-Reinet. E-mail me when people leave their comments – Would it become a noxious weed? An aeroponic system is similar to a NFT system in that the roots are mostly suspended in air. Do we need to fear invasive crops? There is even a ‘prostrate’ variety of the spekboom, developing its branches not higher than 15 cm above the soil and forming a dense ground cover. Spekboom are mostly propagated from cuttings or ‘truncheons’ (supersize cuttings), but also from seeds. Appreciate your response. When soil is sparse, dry or extremely wet, shrubs and trees tend to root deeper. Where can I get spekbome to plant. How on earth can you fight something that’s been ongoing for millions of years? I would like to add my brother-in law to your birthday list, so that a Spekboom can be planted on his birthday. I would, however like to know when to transplant my Spekboom that is rootbound. John Hofmeyr. During drier times, the plant has the ability to open its stomata at night in order to prevent water loss during the heat of the day. That’s what ‘organizations’ are set up for. Thank you. Great and well contsructed post. If we can’t grow maize (corn) anymore, but another, less water-consuming cereal, why should we stay hungry? Comments or questions? And fighting climate change? 'n Olifant vreet tot 200 kg spekboomblare per dag. Portulacaria afra (Porkbush) or “Spekboom“ as we all know it , is one of my favourite specimens to work with. Spekboom is known for its incredible carbon-storing capabilities and ; many health benefits. Tiny, star-shaped pink flowers can appear … Due to its multiple beneficial properties, Spekboom is a favoured plant for landscape restoration projects. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The olive tree (Olea europaea) is a suitable addition to a Mediterranean garden or landscape, producing not only a tall and wide crown but also valuable fruit. If our region is not adapted to olives, oranges, almonds, papayas, bananas etc., why would we hesitate to choose other already existing fruits from other climatic zones? It is a hardy, succulent, soft-wooded bush (shrub or small tree) with brownish stout stems or trunks  (up to 4-5 m high in nature) and juicy, bright green leaves, shriveling when drying, but plumping up with some additional water. Axe Men Tree Feller offers affordable gardening and tree pruning services in South Africa, people can contact us on 0815308164 or email us on for a price quote. It can also be used to make great bonsai plants (‘the jade plant’), low-care commercial crops exportable to the developed world and thus contributing to the enhancement of the rural people’s annual income. You can plant cuttings or even single leaves at any time of the year. Click here to join the conversation. Portulacaria afr… The initiative has already begun, with the first spekboom plant taking root at Schalk Burger & Sons’ winery in Wellington. It favours North-facing slopes where it is exposed to maximum sunlight. Fortunately, it also grows well in a container, so you don’t need a huge garden to grow it. drought-resistant ones. Fallen branches reroot quite easily. Kokedama, often called poor man’s bonsai in Japan, literally means moss (koke) ball (dama). * If you don’t join our mailing list you will not receive the birthday email and we will not be able to plant your Spekboom. the Karoo, it is growing in extravagant abundance in thickets all over the hills in the Eastern Cape region. There’s no doubt about it, Spekboom (Portulacaria Afra) is a very special plant. Every time I am reading about the fantastic qualities of one or another plant species or a variety, I am dreaming about the possibility to use seeds or parts of that plant to improve the living conditions of all the people who don’t have the chance to profit from this exquisite species. 2010-05 - Cuttings of Portulacaria afra (Photo WVC) It also … Or can we use existing climate-resilient crops in a ‘new’ environment created by the impact of climatic changes on the existing vegetation? Best time to transplant is harvest to spring time. Thriving in poor soils, it tolerates both drought and frost. At Opus, we have been making moss balls by hand since 2011. It is one of but a few plants that release oxygen during day and night and as Spekboom creates clean air – it is a fantastic indoor plant; It promotes soil binding flora, which helps prevent erosion. In terrestrial plants, the root system is the subterranean or underground part of the plant body while the shoot is the aboveground part. A lot of interesting information on the spekboom and many photos (

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