how to talk to unemployment representative

I got an ail from the ESD stating that they should have it resolved within 7-10 business days, well that came and went last week. I think they open at 8 or 7, so literally get on the phone at 6:59! I sent them twice! HELP PLEASE. I don’t have any family still living so I don’t have anyone to turn to for help so I’m lost as to what to do…. Do not give up. (WANE) — As the new year gets under way, lawmakers are hard at work in the state’s Capitol introducing bills they hope will become law. Keep calling repeatedly until u hear “for pin problems press 1, for problems certifying for benefits press 2.” Press #2.. You will then hear please hold for the next representative, your current Wait time is.. … Keep calling it may take u like 10-15 times but u will get thru, I have not received my LWA. I considered trying to go to the local unemployment office here because it’s abt 3 mins down the road from this hotel but just wondered if anyone else had tried that and if so were they able to get any answers or anything? Can anyone help me, I live in VA TOO AND I STILL DID NOT RECEIVE IT YET AND I HAD CALL NO ANSWER, I AM SO TIRED I DONT KNOW WHY SOME PEOPLE RECEIVED AND SOME PEOPLE NOT AND THEY SAID 3 BUSNESS DAYS AND NOE IT OVER A WEEK, So for Arizona The Pua And UI Center Phone number is 1-877-600-2722.For Exiting Claims: 1-877-766-8477,Office of Inspector Gentral:1-602-542-3340 The Money Center: 1-602-364-4300 & 1-602-417-3800.. To get through the prompt fast and 90% of the time get on the list of waiting so.times within 30 secs they will answer..Ok now as soon as you dial the number right,before she starts talking dial 2-1- 2-3-1 -1 Then your social,Then 1 put your four digit pin# in then push 1 She will say she can’t find your info don’t hang up as soon as she says that she will say hold on for the next representative,Now at times as your putting everything in ,She will say you picked the wrong key listen but use that above you’ll get through I could call 10 times aday if I want to..GOOD LUCK.. Stay Safe Everyone, My name is James I’m from ga I haven’t received any money from pua an it’s been over two months an I been doing the weekly request for it but still no money I have the pua paper saying how much I’m get an I have my card but no money. It’s been very frustrating and creating a lot of financial hardship as you can see from some of the comments below. Reemployment Assistance Hotline for UI Claims –. Again you should go the actual state unemployment page and look under the contact us section to get the official email (which should be ending with a .gov). Will these roll over? I called the number every day this week all week and could never get threw. No. After you lose a job, you may file an application for unemployment benefits with your state’s unemployment agency. Alabama Unemployment is a crock. Or follow me on twitter where I retweet pertinent updates. That was two weeks ago. Call back later.” It IS later. I even wrote them 2or3 email an never back a reply can anyone help. Keep going through these steps, and you will reach a live representative! Good luck to all I hope this helps & I will keep you all posted I am owed 8 weeks in back payments. I’m a single mom of 4 small kids and I am almost 6 months pregnant with twins!! I filed my unemployment claim the second week of March, 2020 and never heard anything back from them til Apugust 13, 2020, after hundreds of attempts to contact them but failed. Find answers now! and have called thousands of times and e-mailed 6 times to different addresses and have gotten nowhere since May 24th. See our. The unemployment insurance benefit program exists to provide financial assistance until you can find work. GA Unemployment Insurance (UI): 404-232-3001 UI Customer Service: 877-709-8185, Its Thursday the 25th and I still haven’t received my Lost wages. Hahaha to get in touch with an DOL agent is almost impossible. But, if you are unable to use eServices, you can call our automated phone system to submit your application … I’ve tried calling every number I can find. I’ve made an outrageous 371 calls to finally reach anyone. I was approved and got the card but no money still. She told me to follow up in a few weeks if I hadn’t received any money. All unemployed workers to receive an extra $600 a week for up to six months. GOOD LUCK (Bridgette from NY). Good luck! Apply to Customer Service Representative, Call Center Representative, Cemetery Representative (oa) and more! You can also call this number it you were unable to file your claim because of capacity or system limitations or to discuss backdating your claim with a representative. There is no place on the website to ask specific questions, and I get no emails from them telling me anything. And then there was one who told me they have a system they can see the dates the FPUC payments were made, but it’s a separate screen only they can see. A guaranteed way to get through to talk to Unemployment on the phone. I’ll repeat it again, but don’t share your SSN or other private information over email or to callers whose identity is not verified, unless you have to. It leads to depression. People cant even afford house hold necessities, as simple as TP, Garbage Bags, Food, Cleaning supplies, clothes, Shampoos, soaps ect. I got a message: “we are currently closed. Only UI Customer Service Representatives can provide accurate answers to your unemployment insurance questions. Can’t find any way of getting in touch with anyone to find out why? Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! I have filed for pua months ago and I haven’t received my backpay yet . Which tells you exactly what you have to answer verbatim then next time read the manual. The transfer system is automated … State Unemployment Phone Numbers and Getting in Touch With a Live Agent For Help With Your UI Claim. I’ve been approved since 6/15 still yet to get my retroactive $600. See the PA resource page for more information and reader comments. 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No response. Even when I call the second they open it says due to high call volume we can not take your call call back tomorrow. I have experienced recently much more legal scrutiny than this. Then I hung up and called back intermediately. I have no one to depend on to help with anything…. Can someone help explain why I didn’t? I know of people who literarily lying and abusing the system and getting paid still, i just need to feed my kid and give her the essentials. Once you call this automated number and answer the (1 or 2 I forget how many exactly) question(s) you will receive your money In a matter of days literally. After this filing, your ex-employer may submit an objection with the agency, arguing that you are not entitled to unemployment benefits. If the state contacts the claimant via email and the email is returned, the state must attempt to contact the claimant by U.S. mail. Alabama here I have claimed 20 weeks of unemployment and still haven’t gotten it yet I also cannot get through on the phone It’s very very frustrating!!!! We got his determination letter a week later and it was approved..Still waiting for his checks and this is august 4th..Havent received either so far..impossible to get thru to speak to someone..we called our state rep to see if they could do anything and they were goin to check it…Got a phone call from his office last week to see if we got it yet…unfortunately bills cant wait.we have a morgage and 2 car payments…what the hell our we suppose to do. How To Talk to a Real Person: The Ultimate Customer Support Phone Number Directory.

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