the bat movie review

| Review this Movie. The Bat is a three-act play by Mary Roberts Rinehart and Avery Hopwood that was first produced by Lincoln Wagenhals and Collin Kemper in 1920. You know, Moorehead was never known as a great beauty but I've always thought she was a handsome woman and she looks particularly lovely in this film. It's a fun murder mystery that drips style. December 24, 2019 — 6.23pm. The official website for Jo Nesbo, author of the Harry Hole detective crime novels including The Bat, The Snowman and more bestselling thrillers, Blood on Snow and Midnight Sun. Price evidently grew as an actor throughout the 60's and 70's, but his early performances always have that x-factor that would go on to instill the man in the hearts of horror fans forever, and his performance here has that also. By Sandra Hall. Amazon Influencer . Why is this murderous maniac so interested in Cornelia's new abode? Tolerable. The Bat book. Verified Purchase. The aforementioned girl is Arlen, (Suki Waterhouse), one of thousands of Americans deemed unacceptable to society, who is unceremoniously dumped into a … Top reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie for starters,, just having Vincent Price in it is worth the price of admission alone, add in that the movie moves along quickly, holds your interest and is funny what is not to like,, yeah it's not entirely that scary, but I really didn't need it to be scary, I would never have expected the killer to be...... well who it turned out to be, but I really liked the premise all of the bats in the laboratory and also the big bat behind the window. Also notable was the actress who played the maid - her character was practical, loyal and steadfast. Could one of these men be ‘The Bat'? Moorehead is the highly successful mystery writer Cordelia van Gorder who rents a mansion for the summer not knowing that an embezzler has hidden away a million dollars in negotiable securities. I think so. This was surely intentional since the original it's based off was … Top reviews from the United States There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Then you have two guys who very specifically lay out their role in the story and explain what to the audience what to expect. 0 /5000. Read 132 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. | Well I was wrong in my guess and a little surprised at who it was. There is also a serial killer, known as The Bat, on the loose. And suave Dr. Malcom Wells (the always terrific Vincent Price) knows more than he's telling about what's going on. If you like this movie and our channel, please subscribe: | "The Bat" is a mystery film directed by Crane Wilbur. This was surely intentional since the original it's based off was supposed to be goofy. An added plus was Darla from "Our Gang" adding a cute bit part of the movie. | There's suspense and some tension from time to time, but no more than you would find from an episode of Murder She Wrote . She was always a great actress and she's very good in this, a rare starring role for her. A nice little bit of mystery and some really cool imagery mixed in. But they also stated, "While it's all done in a by-the-numbers manner, there's more than enough here to entertain whodunit fans". I had no idea who the real Bat was. Movie Review | Oh well, if heroines were sensible, horror movies would be only about ten minutes long. One million dollar worth of cash has been stolen from the bank, the loot is hidden somewhere in the house and there's a maniacal killer with a dedication for rabbit bats on the loose. The embezzling banker, come back to life? Watch The Bat movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on The inhabitants of the house are a female writer and her crew of servants.... oh, and a prowler known as 'the bat', who evidently wants the fortune for himself. THE BAT is a film based on the novel/play by Avery Hopwood and Mary Roberts Rinehart that was very popular in the twenties and early thirties. It's also notable for an early performance from Vincent Price, who appears as the doctor, Malcolm Wells. Like a great webtoon that keeps you scrolling through the frames, Beauty Water is a slow-burner laced with moments of high intensity and horrific nightmarish visuals that perfectly supplement its after-dark campfire-esque horror story. Some people look down at anything made in the fifties or sixties as hopelessly hokey...and they don't know what they're missing either. Looking at some comments here you would think this film was in the same range as a Carrie, Dracula, Frankenstein, Jaws, etc.... Well it's not. She later learns that the homeowner embezzled money and hid it in somewhere in the house. Classic Horror. Granted, the screenplay is a little too ambitious and too many characters are introduced, but overall this is an exciting and well-plotted thriller that satisfies the fans of haunted house stories as well the typical "whodunit" mysteries.

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