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However, drivers are happy to accommodate cigarette smokers of the appropriate age by stopping somewhere to let you smoke outside the vehicle. If you want to have a special adventure but would like to be strategic about cost, planning your limo rental for a weekday afternoon can net you the greatest savings. Consider a daytime spa trip with the ladies for your bachelorette, or a fancy limo ride to the park for a children's birthday party. A limo that holds 6 to 8 people will rent for $70 to $120 per hour plus tip, while a large stretch limo that holds up to 20 will rent for $100 to $250 per hour plus tip. Tampa Limo Hourly Rate Prices. Calling your limo provider to ask about best rates can help guide your planning process. Most limousine rental services have rates of around $125 hourly to book a stretch Hummer for at least four hours before 5:00 p.m. Then after 5:00 p.m., you must rent it for at least five hours and pay around $625. Arrive to any event in style an class. Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, a shorter working hours schedule applies. With an impressive range of stretch limos, hummers and classic vehicles, we make your journey as comfortable and stylish as possible without breaking your bank. Most companies have minimum blocks of time that they require for rentals. We make it a point to take care of the little details so that you don't have to. They may also charge you for the tolls their drivers had to pay to come and pick you up as well. You can hire our luxury fleet to attend business meetings, or just to go for a casual pick up to the airport. Everyone climbs back in a plush, and safe, ride home for an all-around win. Most rental companies will require a minimum number of hours to make it cost-effective to prepare the car with ice and beverages, properly clean the car, and dispatch a driver. Fayetteville, NC 28306. Miami Car Service and Black Sedan Car Service near you. At Advanced Limousine we offer top-quality professional limo and transportation services at affordable prices to the Philadelphia and Bucks County area. You can get a white stretch limousine, complimentary champagne, and specially decorated interiors. If you do want to hire a limo to pick you or someone else up at the airport, you might pay an extra meet-and-greet fee to have the driver waiting near the gate with a sign. Queensland's Limo Service Best Pricing and Added Value. After all, you're not just paying for the driver's time; you're also paying for the expense of keeping the limo running. Through our partnerships with the world's leading limousine companies, we can get … Make sure you understand the pricing plan for your limo service before you confirm your reservation. If your idea of a limousine is from a 1980s music video, the offerings have gotten way more fabulous since then. A PROUD MEMBER OF . Be cautious with a company that is not forthcoming about costs or willing to provide a clearly written contract. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Compare pros, ask questions, and hire only when ready. Search local chauffeurs and check prices. Cities. In other cases when your travel route may not be so straightforward, then the driver is likely to bill you hourly. If your driver kept you safe, provided you great service, looked sharp in their uniform and treated you with respect, it's common to offer a 15-20 percent tip. At an average rate of $70 to $150 per hour, the average cost to rent a limo for 4 hours is between $280 and $600. Price 4 Limo Limousine Rental Prices. Most limo rental companies have straightforward pricing that's calculated on: If you're renting a limo for a special event like a prom or a wedding, visit the limo company's website ahead of time to see photos of their fleet. Renting a small limo that holds 8-passengers for 5 hours will cost between $350 to $600 plus tip. Limousine service in the city. A Cheap Limo Service That Appreciates Your Time And Money. In other places where there is no free parking available -- or in a busy city with no parking available at all -- then you may have to pay extra to have your driver continue circling the block while they wait for you whenever you make a stop. Offers a six-passenger Sport Utility Vehicle that delivers ample space without sacrificing style. Hiring a limo driver for your kids on prom night is a great way to give them a special treat, as well as make sure everyone gets home safe and sound. The majority of limousines have a window-tint rating of 5 percent, which means that only 5 percent of the outside light can pass through it. A fun way to take advantage of these deals is to gather a group of your friends at one house to get the party started in advance with cocktails and snacks. Some states only require a chauffeur license if the vehicle can carry 16 people or more. The cost of a limo rental for a wedding ranges from $500 to $1,100, while limo prices for prom range from $270 to $400. If you are traveling with a big group, you can save money by having everyone meet at one house for the pickup. Review the tax charges, and also if they have packages and promotions. At Exotic Limo Bus, we provide you with exceptional service at affordable prices. Instead of driving yourself in your minivan, play it super smooth and take a limousine. Ask your rental company whether standard cleaning services are included in the rental cost or are additional. Cheap Limo Services Providing The Best Limo Service Prices. Time of day you're reserving the limo for. San Antonio Limo Rental Services always has availability, our prices are the most competitive in The San Antonio Texas Transportation Market. For wedding packages, WSI Limousine LLC has tiered pricing by car type. Get matched with multiple pros that meet your exact needs. Costs can vary based on the extent of the damage. Miami Limo Service. Seamless airport travel . That includes your limo rental and any transportation you're offering to out-of-town guests. In some states, companies expect limo drivers to get tips, so the business may even pay them below minimum wage. The hourly rate goes up on those days as well. On weekdays, the minimum number of hours depends on the location of services, while on Friday and Saturday nights, the company requires a 4-hour minimum rental for $340. It's important to understand the pricing model and have a written contract that specifies what is included in your rate to avoid being surprised at the end of the night with unexpected fees. Hourly is also a very popular service we offer. Most couples spend $500 to $1,100 to rent a limo for their wedding. seats 3 Transfer: $69 Hourly: $59. Researching the pricing differences could mean a lower minimum number of hours, a lower hourly rate, or both. There are many types of limousines to suit your needs. Our SUVs seat six adults plus luggage, perfect for escorting a family to the airport or cruise. If not, come prepared with cash to tip the driver as needed. Includes non-alcoholic beverages and glassware in the limo, pickup at multiple locations, drop-off at prom, and drive home after. Read more. Popular. They drop you off, front and center at the concert or game, then pick you up when the show's over. Some providers offer hourly rates while others offer all-inclusive packages for a set number of hours, which can be a great option. BLACKLANE CHAUFFEUR, Berlin. Change or cancel for free up until 1 hour prior to pickup. The average cost to rent a limo is $70 to $150 per hour with most people spending $425 to $950 to rent a limo for a night. EMAIL US. This will help you understand pricing in for the vehicles. Ride flexibility. View limos with photos, prices & more. Luxury Sedans. A limo service with high demand generally won't rent out limos for only an hour or less. WSI Limousine charges an average of $125 per hour for a 10-passenger limo and $200 per hour for a 20-passenger limo. It's a good deal when you consider that such a package also gives you little extras like non-alcoholic beverages and glasses, pick up from multiple locations, drop-off at your prom venue, and pick-up afterward. Limo service is far more complicated than simply transporting passengers from point A to point B. To rent a stretch Hummer or limo party bus for 5 hours will cost $750 to $1,500. To rent a limo for a 5-hour night out on the town, most people spend between $270 and $650 depending on the size of the limousine and how many passengers. Limo Service Miami Prices and Vehicle Description. Platinum Luxury Fleet offers you the best price/value The sedately elegant choice for consummate travelers, a sedan limousine is the perfect ride to get you to or from the airport or any other destination in style and comfort. If you don't see specific packages and pricing on their websites, call to ask about their offerings. Sedan 3 passengers, 3 suitcases $ 69 Transfer. For that reason, most of them offer packages to cater to your big days. Look for a company that has a solid reputation and holds all the appropriate business licenses and insurance. limo. Companies want to keep their vehicles moving, so you may be able to get reduced rates if you book midweek during the off-season. In general, the larger or more exotic the vehicle, the higher the hourly rate. The more fabulous your ride, the higher your limo rental price will be. Similarly, car service for New York airports like LaGuardia or Newark, New Jersey, may cost much more than the same service in Topeka or Tallahassee. The average cost to rent a 10-passenger limo for 6 hours is between $540 and $900 per night. Some states require limousine drivers to have chauffeur licenses, while others do not. The industry standard of tipping limo drivers for weddings is 15 to 20 percent. However, the laws in most states only allow limo-tinted windows in the back and rear of the vehicle because your driver needs to have perfect visibility for safety reasons. Browse profiles, see prices and use filters to find pros who match your project. or cal +1-305-414-1111. Pricing; Services; Blog; Contact Us; Treasure Coast Airport Car and Limo Service. Limo rental companies recognize that their customers are usually celebrating milestone events or special occasions such as weddings or prom. To get an exact estimate, reach out to limo rental services near you today for instant pricing. How Much Does a Limo Cost to Rent? Plan your special event on a weekday to save money. It's common to see prices of $90 per hour for limo rentals during the week, and $120 per hour during weekends. If the limo-service company has to clean up any stains inside the limo after your booking, then they are likely to charge you $100 or more. A paid parking lot will charge extra for limo parking, and the company will probably expect you to pay for this parking fee. Concorde Worldwide limousines in New Jersey, A Perfect Touch Limos in St. Louis, Missouri. Most people use this way of paying if they are making a lot of fo stops and want to just rent the bus or limo for a flat rate and keep the tap running and however long they rent for is how much they pay. Live Support Available. Some hourly rates include everything from the gas to chauffeur services, while other companies charge lower hourly rates with additional fees included in the final payment. For example, booking a limo for popular destinations like the airport is often chargeable at a flat-rate fee. For example, Limos with Pride charges $85 per hour for standard limo service. For this reason, limo companies have zero-tolerance policies about minors drinking in their limos. It's common for prom limo prices to range between $270 and $400. Different vehicles will have different rates, depending on their demand as well as the initial cost the company paid to purchase the car and its current value. You can find these charges listed on your bill at the end of the ride. The average cost to rent a limo is $70 to $150 per hour with most people spending $425 to $950 to rent a limo for a night. If you're renting a big party bus, your driver might be required to have a commercial driver's license (CDL), depending on the weight of the vehicle and how many people it can haul. For more, check out our tips for. Limousine Service Taxis Airport Transportation (3) Website (910) 578-8709. Nonetheless, many drivers these days might prefer for you to call them by their first name. So, if it's prom night, you'll need a parent to handle the transaction. Limo services can be arranged for a wide range of formal — or just for fun — events including weddings, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, school field trips, prom, sporting events, concerts, business outings, and more. There is no right or wrong way for a company to charge; the most important thing is good communication and transparency with clients. Economical Pricing: Luxury does not come at a high cost. As you are planning your event, research local limo rental services to see what kind of packages they offer. Daytime fares can be just as high as evening rates for special daytime events or holidays when demand is high. You should also ask about the limo company's insurance policy. That's why not only is it easier to stay cool inside the limo, but it's impossible to get sunburned. Luxury stretch vehicles are a major investment for a company, so the more they paid to buy the vehicle, the higher your hourly rental rate will be. Also, set rates usually do not include extra charges such as additional stops, airport pickups or long wait times. Skip to content. The average cost of renting a limousine is $95-$130 per hour, depending on the vehicle type and services offered. To rent a stretch limo that holds 20 for the day, expect to spend between $500 and $1,250. CALL ME BACK. Our mission over the years has been constant, that is to provide you with the highest quality service in terms of traveling in Philly. For these reasons, underage drinking, drug use, and smoking are all prohibited activities with most limousine companies. Limos with Pride enables passengers to add the tip afterward when paying by credit card, but encourages customers to tip the driver directly in cash when possible, recommending 20 percent for a job well done. How much will your limousine and chauffeur services cost? Having a limo for your wedding raises the elegance level, eliminates worries about drinking and driving, and makes for fabulous photos. Monday through Thursday are usually the least expensive days — unless there's a major event in town. Most companies will require a deposit of up to 50 percent of the agreed-upon fee to secure the time and date. Renting a limo for seven hours or more can earn you a discount though for planning big events like nights on the town or bachelor and bachelorette parties. GET A QUOTE WITHIN update 15 MINUTES [email protected] PREMIUM CHAUFFEURED LIMOUSINE SERVICE. Get free estimates from trusted limo services near you. Arrive in style for your next special occasion with some high-class, chauffeured wheels. Most limo services charge an hourly rate with a minimum rental time of 3-4 hours. … Due to higher demand, evening limo bookings will also cost more than daytime bookings too. Contact the pros you like to discuss project details. Weddings and prom are two occasions when having a limo and chauffeur can make the night even better. They'll then time your ride from the pick-up time to final drop-off time. Count on all-inclusive rates, confirmed before booking. (For more, check out our tips for smart hiring.) With our huge inventory you can compare limo services and prices in your city. If you try to google which Cheap Limo Rentals Near Me service can get you what you want for a reasonable price as well, you will find out that we are the service that will be your very first answer. To avoid extra charges due to the high demand in the wedding season, reserve your wedding limo at least three months in advance. You can modify your itinerary to get a cheaper limo rental by planning trips to a day spa to kick off a bachelorette party or trips to a park for anniversaries or birthdays. When you begin shopping around for a limousine rental. Corporate / Business. Prom package with luxury sedan: $400. The traditional custom is to call your driver a "chauffeur." Click "Continue" to sign up for a corporate travel account with Car service for Fort Lauderdale Airport. We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you. Most limo services charge an hourly rate with a minimum rental time of 3-4 hours. For example, The Limo Guy in Dallas, Texas, charges the following rates based on vehicle, with a 4-hour minimum rental on Fridays and Saturdays: If you are not paying a flat hourly rate that includes everything, ask if there will be additional charges such as fuel surcharges, parking fees, tolls and extra mileage. Another company may charge $90 per hour for weeknights and $120 per hour for weekends. Limos4 is trusted by. Ask your limo service what kind of all-inclusive wedding packages they offer. Here is an overview of the main factors that affect the average cost of limousine services and party bus rentals in your area. Here are some examples of event package pricing from WSI Limousine in McDonough, Georgia: Evening limo service and party bus rentals generally have higher hourly rates or require a higher number of minimum hours than daytime rentals because the demand for services is greater. Limo rentals are popular for transportation to concerts, weddings, proms or sporting events, so plan ahead and expect to pay a little more during these times of the year. Our specialty is dependable door-to-door transportation throughout the entire Philadelphia region including to and from the Philadelphia Airport. This kind of deal won't work for events like prom, but could be perfect for a midweek birthday party or surprise anniversary dinner. We believe we are the super heroes of the chauffeur-driven pampered people movers from Noosa to Brisbane, Qld., not only for our super service but also because of our best price airport transfers. When you're planning a group outing like this, keep in mind that a company may charge higher rates for holidays or during special occasions, such as prom season. When there is more competition for limo rentals the prices are typically higher. Car Service Near Me: If you’re looking for a luxurious and reasonable car or limousine services for BWI Airport then you’re at the right place.Limo Car Service is supplying its dedicated and responsive fleet. With a minimum rental time of 4 hours, the cost to rent a limo for a day ranges from $280 for a small 8-passenger limo, up to $480 for a large limo that holds up to 16. If you or someone in your party gets too rowdy and damages the upholstery, breaks any glass or gets ill, you can expect to pay for cleanup or repairs. Limo service companies have different pricing plans to choose from based on either the mileage or the total time spent on your limo booking. Depending on where you are renting a limo, prices may be higher due to cost of living and relative cost to do business. Also, if you're working with a budget, limo rental companies can recommend the optimum day, vehicle type and time frame to get the most for your money. Other common reasons for cleaning fees on your bill can include any lingering odors inside the limousine after you leave, as well as any damage to the carpet or upholstery. Some rental companies include the driver's gratuity in the bill as standard policy, while others leave tipping to the discretion of the passengers. Before signing the contract, ask to see photos of the exact limo that you'll be riding in to make sure you know what will be pulling up in front of your house on the big day. Most limo companies will expect you to pay for any highway tolls during your trip. I'm more than. Pricing for prom limo rentals reflects the type of car you choose, how many people the limo seats, and any extras — such as beverages — that are provided. Car Service Miami prices starting from $59 per hour and $89 for airpot car service transfer. The average cost of renting a limousine is $95-$130 per hour, depending on the vehicle type and services offered. Spacious vehicle offers ample leg and head room, and can accommodate up to four adult passengers. First of all, if you change the itinerary after the trip has already started so that the driver has to go further than planned, then you get a fuel surcharge.

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